A Guide About How To Dress for Different Special Events

Every person should have at least one dress for some of the special events that they may be invited to. A good guide to follow when dressing for different special events is as follows.


A wedding is considered a black or white tie event. So women should be in beautiful flowing gowns (nothing too elaborate that steals attention) or knee-length dresses. Nothing white as white is reserved for the bride. For men, the rule is to wear a dark coloured suit. These rules can change if the couple gives a dress code or theme.


Cocktail parties are always considered to be informal social gatherings where people can network. The dressing is semi-formal. Dress up, but do not be too formal. Dark colours are always prefered because most of these parties are at night and there is a lot of wine involved. Women can wear knee-length dresses with some playful flowers or frills.

Dinner Party

Most dinner parties will need you to be formal. You should get a flowing gown with a touch of unique jewellery or accessory. You can also wear a well-tailored suit if you do not want to look too feminine. To be on the safe side, reach out to the person who has invited you to find out if they want you to stick to a particular dress code.

A Job Interview

Job interviews need you to wear official wear and keep things simple. A suit if you will be working in a formal company is required. You can either do pants suits or a skirt suit if you are a woman. Nothing too colourful as it will distract the interviewee.

Business Dinners

If you are employed, or you work with a team of people, there will be times when you will have company dinners. You need to keep things professional by wearing something that will not expose your body in an unprofessional way.