Guide on Custom Fitting for Your Wedding Dress

So you have your wedding coming up, and you are feeling the butterflies when you think about getting married to the man of your dreams? To complete everything, you need to have your custom fitting done on the dress that you are going to wear. You need to get everything right during custom fittings so that you come up with a beautiful dress.

All You Should Know About Custom Fittings

  • Book early: Identify your tailor many weeks before so that you can start engaging on precisely what you want soon enough for all the consideration you want to be put in place.
  • It will take several fittings: You will need to go to the tailor several times for you to get the perfect fit. The first visit is always to get acclimated and take an initial measurement. The meetings that follow are always to adjust and ensure that the fitting is right for the wedding day.
  • Wear shoes you will have on the big day: It is always advisable to go for your custom fitting while wearing the shoes you plan to wear on the wedding day. This helps the tailor work out things like the length of your dress and your posture.
  • Speak out: The person taking the measurements and guiding you on the design is not able to read your mind. Feel free to mention when a fitting is too tight, a design is not pleasing, and other things that can be addressed before it is too late. Remember it is your wedding, and you should be comfortable with what is being done.
  • Go with someone: If possible, you should go with someone who will act as your objective eye to tell you if what you have chosen works well. Preferably, go with someone whose opinion you trust.