Types of Wedding Dress Silhouettes

When you go shopping for a wedding dress, one of the questions that you will get is the type of silhouette you want to wear. The type that you choose should be determined by your body shape and how you want the dress to look. Take a look at these popular silhouettes and decide the one that you would love to wear for your big day.

The Ball Gown

If you want your wedding to have some kind of fairy tale theme, this is the kind of silhouette you should be going for. The characteristics of a ball gown include a wide skirt that is done by fitting together crinolines or tulle. The bodice is made to fit tightly to give the bride a womanly figure. It is a classic yet popular style and has been worn by the high and mighty like the Duchess of Cambridge and Diana, the Princess of Wales.

The Sheath

This is an excellent choice for people who want simplicity. It hugs the body in all the places and tapers out towards the hips. It does not come with the volume that traditional dresses come with. Still, it is loved by most wedding designers because of its versatile nature. The sheath silhouette can be made from different materials, including heavy beadwork. You can always approach your bank for a personal loan to finance it.


This is considered to be a cross between the sheath and the ball gown. As the name suggests, it is worn to create the A shape by hugging the top and flowing down from the waist. The tapering is, however, not as distinct as what you get with the ball gown.


This is for curvy women who want to show off their shapes. It is flattering especially for women with a pear shape. It hugs the hips, then tapers off, leaving an hourglass figure that every woman desires.